If there is no rim, what stops the water coming out?

The toilet bowl is cleverly designed and engineered to ensure that the jets of water flow right around it and down in a cascade.


Why do we have rims on toilets in the first place?

Typically the technology used in toilets has traditionally depended on there being a lot of outlets for the flush water, all hidden under a rim which guided the flow. The design of our Rimfree® toilet is the result of years of development, designing both a bowl and a jet system which does away completely with the need for a rim.


How can the flush be effective using so much less water?

The Flushwise® system is designed to deliver water more forcefully than in a standard toilet, cleaning it efficiently and forcing the contents down into, and out of, the sump – producing outstanding flush results every time.


What cleaning will I have to do?

Probably less than you are used to! Any soiling of the bowl remaining after the flush is easier to see and deal with. And of course, with no rim there’s nowhere for germs and dirt to accumulate, so you can say goodbye to hard and awkward toilet cleaning chores.